For over 100 years,

 we produce in Italy, import from overseas countries and supply fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Italy and Europe.

Year after year, in Italy, we have established an integrated supply chain, from farms to production facilities, to a capillar distribution. At the same time, we have built a network of trustworthy International suppliers for the import of fresh produce from all over the world.
Thanks to a continuous investments in Research and Innovation, we are committed to offering high quality products , acting as a strategic partner for Italian and European retailers.

Strategic partner for the Fresh Produce sector

Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy is to provide fresh produce all year round.

Italian produce always holds the priority, whether it's cultivated in our farms or by producers within our network. 

As the Italian season ends, we turn to the Southern hemisphere to continue offering the same high-quality products. 

However, when it comes to exotic fruits, the strategy is different. Due to our climate, we can't produce them locally. Thus, we collaborate with the finest producers from Central and South America. These exotic treasures are then meticulously ripened in our Siziano center, ensuring they're ready for a perfect taste experience.

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