The concept of quality is intrinsic in our DNA and is tied to the satisfaction of our clients.

We are committed to ensuring a product that is always fresh, tasty, and healthy.

We rely on our experience, selecting the best partners who share our same vision.


L’ innovazione fa parte della nostra cultura aziendale. Studiamo le abitudini dei consumatori ed investiamo in ricerca e sviluppo per poter soddisfare i loro bisogni e creare nuovi mercati. 

We were the first ones to believe in seedless products, introducing seedless grapes and watermelons in Italy 30 years ago. 

In the last years we have lauched products, thought to facilitate and promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. 


In our vision, we reconcile the pursuit of economic objectives with environmental and social ones. . 

WE VALUE NATURE, respecting the current generations and the future ones.