Peviani's supply chain: quality grows in the field

Peviani knows well that quality grows in the field: we find the most suitable areas, select the best varieties, plan the right quantities to guarantee the deliveries.
To achieve this, we have created a short, controlled and certified supply-chain, forging strong partnership with the best agricultural partners in Italy and abroad. With them, we share not only technical and production protocols but also values of accuracy and responsibility.

All this allows us to guarantee a product in line with our clients' expectations.

The monitor over the entire supply-chain combined with our commercial, technical and logistic skills acquired in over 100 years of activity, allow us to be one of the key-player in the produce sector..

Whether it comes from our overseas partners or is cultivated in our Italian farms, our product is always controlled and aims to providing our clients fresh and safe produce with a constant quality.

Peviani: our ties 

In Italy we boast well- consolidated partnerships with producers situated in several Italian regions: the most important ones are in Apulia, Basilicata, Sardinia, Siciily and Lazio, where agricultural productions owned by the Peviani's are present. 

 In Veneto we are present with the company  PEF S.r.l, founded in the 80's with Peviani's partners Pavan. This company deals with vegetables from Sicily and Veneto..  

In Holland the company Unitrade Holland controlled by Peviani S.p.A and is a trader of vegetables in Germany, Italy and UK.

In Italy we represent the multi-national company Fyffes, leader in the production of bananas and pineapples provenienti da Colombia, Costarica ed Equador.


Peviani: headquarters

Just a few kilometers far from Milan, in Siziano you can find the operational hub of Peviani S.p.A. This represents the strategic centrewhich hosts the commercial and marketing departments , the Administration, Logistic and Quality offices. The headquarters are equipped with refridgerated cells as well as with state-of-the-art ripening rooms for exotic fruits and  packaging lines for the management of just-in-time orders. The operational hub, is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and supplies large scale retailers with fresh produce. 30% of company sales is generated abroad: in this case the products are dispatched directly from the production areas to the final client without passing through Siziano Our clients are mainly European. 

Historical agricultural partnerships

Apulia and Basilicata

Since the 60's, the company is present in Apulia where the company has laid deep roots. The farms owned by the Peviani's and other agricultural realities have joined together in the Organisation of Producers Athena, which operates in Apulia and Basilicata, near the Ionian sea. With them we are setting important long-term projects. This territory has proved to have a special climate  which is suitable  for growing excellent quality produce. Among this, we can find seedless grapes , cauliflowers  of different colours , seedless watermelons such as Solinda e Perla Nera , fruits with special features, citrus and strawberries.  The result of this sinergy is a short, integrated and certified supply chain which today covers a  1800 hectares surface , always on the rise. All productions follow the principles of integrated pest management , resulting in products with pesticide residue levels at least 50% lower than legal limits.  These products are then packaged in the modern Ginosa plant with a surface of 7000 square meters and a refrigeration capacity of 20.000 cubic meters. 


Since the 70's Peviani has been present in Sardinia in the area of Valledoria, in province of Sassari, near the sea. This territory stands our for the cultivation of spiny artichokes. In 2003 the farmers from Valledoria founded the agricultural cooperative Valle del CoghinasOur collaboration is stronger than ever. allowing us to diversify the productions which today cover over 200 hectares. This area is given over to growing Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products. Among these excellences you can find the Sardinian Spiny Artichoke, the purple artichokes Violì, and the Sardinian asparagus.


In Sicily the first initiatives started in the 60's. During the 80's the Sicilian branch of Peviani S.p.A, in Ispica (RG) and the Venetian one from Chioggia (Venice) gave rise to PEF S.r.l, in collaboration with the Pavan family. Today PEF is a well-consolidated reality, specialised in Sicilian and Venetian vegetables. At the same time , Peviani S.p.A has built strong partnerships with tomato producers in the areas of Vittoria and Pachino. Here innovative cultivation practices that reduce the use of pesticides and a natural impollination have been implemented. The result is a PREMIUM-quality tomato, which enhances all its organolectic features .


Overseas Partners

We aim to guarantee the supply of all the products we distribute all year round. For this reason, we have identified the best global areas. We boast a dense network of international suppliers and partners consolidated over time, with whom we share strict agronomic and qualitative disciplinaries. We import from selected producers from Central and South America, Africa and Europe, in order to guarantee the best products and shelf continuity.

Since 1996, Peviani has been the exclusive supplier of Fyffes products in Italy . Fyffes is the oldest Fruit brand with production areas in Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica.