Peviani at Marca Fresh and Fruitlogistica
January 7, 2024
Peviani's asparagus on shelf from March
March 15, 2024
Peviani at Marca Fresh and Fruitlogistica
January 7, 2024
Peviani's asparagus on shelf from March
March 15, 2024

Peviani launches a new plant and brings innovation in the agri-food logistics.

The company invests € 14.7 million to strengthen its


Milan, 17th January 2024

Peviani is glad to announce the launch of its ambitious development program in the agri-food logistics sector . Aiming at making processing and trading of fruit and vegetables more sustainable, the company has been supported by the National Program of Recovery and Resilience (PNRR). The focus of this initiative is the construction of a modern plant of 7.500 mq, situated in an area owned by the company. This new agri-food hub aims atoptimizing aall the production process stages , from the receipt of the products to their final distribution. This investment will lead both to the improvement of the processing and storage phases , contributing to an excellent ripening of the product before delivery to final clients.

The company is thrilled to actively take part in the ecologic and digital transition in the agri-food sector, through a more efficient management of the logistics . This new project is definetly a step towards a more sustainable future.

Name of the project
"Peviani S.p.A - Development program of agri-food logistics in the field of processing and trading of agricultural products"
CUP: C55B23000460006
COR: 1853361
Summary of the project
The development program that the company PEVIANI S.p.A. intends to carry out is the construction of a new factory to improve the storage and processing capacity of agri-food products for their distribution, supporting the ecological and digital transition.
Within the identified area, already owned by Peviani, a new 7,500 m2 building will be built, a real agri-food hub capable of optimizing every phase of the production process, from the reception of fruit and vegetable products to their distribution, improving significantly both the transformation phases of the products and their storage for the completion of maturation and conservative storage before distribution.
Amount of the investment: € 14.734.746,62
Amount of investment admission: € 13.459.240,95
Contribution granted: € 10.084.000,00
Non-repayable contribution: € 4.256.376,12
Subsidized loan: € 5.827.623,88
Loan Program: PNNR - Logistics Development the agri-food, fishery and water culture, forestry, floriculture and nursery farming, Mission 2, Component 1, Investment 2.1.
Start of the project (compulsory first commitment): YES
Construction site: NO